Hooded V-Neck Long-Sleeve Pink Sweater


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A charming blend of comfort and style, this Hooded V-Neck Long-Sleeve Pink Sweater offers a cozy allure perfect for chilly seasons. Its soft and warm composition ensures a snug fit while presenting a relaxed silhouette for versatile wear. The hooded V-neck design brings a touch of casual elegance, complemented by the long sleeves that offer both warmth and effortless chic.

Embracing the essence of contemporary fashion, this sweater embodies a versatile appeal, blending seamlessly with various outfits. Its understated sophistication makes it an ideal choice for diverse occasions, whether for a casual day out or a cozy evening in. The hoodie design provides an extra layer of comfort, while the V-neck adds a hint of classic style, making it a staple piece for your wardrobe.

Crafted to offer both style and comfort, this Hooded V-Neck Long-Sleeve Pink Sweater embraces the changing seasons with grace. Elevate your fashion statement with this adaptable piece, designed to be paired effortlessly with your favorite bottoms for a look that’s as trendy as it is comfortable.

Size Bust (in) Length (in) Sleeve (in)
S 33.46 22.05 24.41
M 35.43 22.44 24.80
L 37.40 22.83 25.20
XL 39.37 23.23 25.59
XXL 41.34 23.62 25.98


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