Elegant Button-Up Knit Pink Cardigan


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Introducing the Elegant Button-Up Knit Pink Cardigan, a sophisticated addition to your wardrobe that seamlessly merges style and versatility. This cardigan exudes elegance with its refined button-up design, offering a timeless appeal suitable for various occasions. The soft, luxurious fabric embraces comfort while ensuring a graceful and tailored fit.

The classic button-up style lends a touch of sophistication, allowing for versatile wear – whether styled open for a relaxed look or fastened up for a polished finish. Its understated yet elegant pink hue adds a subtle charm to your ensemble, making it a perfect layering piece for the changing seasons. Effortlessly elevate your attire with this cardigan, pairing it effortlessly with dresses, skirts, or trousers for a chic and refined aesthetic.

Step into sophistication and comfort with the Elegant Button-Up Knit Pink Cardigan, a versatile and stylish garment that brings a timeless allure to your everyday wardrobe.

Bust: 37.01 inches
Shoulder: 14.17 inches
Length: 20.87 inches
Sleeve: 23.23 inches


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