Cropped Top Ribbed Knit Pink Cardigan


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Effortlessly chic and undeniably versatile, this ribbed knit pink cardigan offers a delightful addition to your wardrobe. Its cropped design brings a touch of modernity, perfectly blending with various fashion sensibilities. The ribbed texture adds depth and charm to the overall look, while the soft hue exudes a subtle elegance, making it an ideal piece for casual outings or a laid-back office vibe.

Featuring a well-crafted construction and snug fit, this cardigan embraces comfort without compromising style. The cropped length adds a trendy twist to your outfit, effortlessly complementing high-waisted jeans, skirts, or layered over dresses. The ribbed knit design not only lends a refined touch but also provides a cozy feel, making it a go-to choice for cooler days or breezy evenings.

With its versatile appeal, this cropped ribbed knit cardigan becomes a wardrobe staple, blending seamlessly with different fashion preferences. Elevate your everyday look with this charming piece, showcasing a balance of casual charm and contemporary elegance.

Clothes Length: 16.54 inches
Sleeve Length: 21.65 inches
Shoulder Width: 13.78 inches
Chest Circumference: 31.50 inches











































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